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Hi, take a look at today. Let's consider all the pros and cons that our experts managed to find. Let's see how true the information about the site, which is served in the advertisement. Our assessment, as always, will be as objective as possible. Watch this short video to the end so you don't miss the point.

Priceline is a travel booking and purchase service that will definitely help you find your booking at the lowest price. Founded in 1997, the company is part of Booking Holdings, a world leader in online travel and related services. It began its development path since 1997 and today has a wide range of options for booking and buying tickets. The history of the brand begins with the most common problem of many air travel - low occupancy and half-empty flights.

After analyzing the site, our experts found both positive and negative reviews.

For example, a buyer at, under the name Tessa Morse, writes: “I ordered an Express Deal for a specific star level and location. When I got to the hotel, it was completely renovated and we were sent to another hotel outside the area we had booked. ”
But for example, Jace left a positive review on cooperation with the site: “i always check priceline first..for air, hotel, car ”

Despite the fact that it will be most profitable to book hotels in the USA with Priceline, the service works all over the world.

The range of countries and regions covered on the Priceline service is extremely large, which makes the company not only popular, but also multifunctional, because in addition to the standard hotel room reservation, the company offers to immediately rent a car at the destination or book a cruise, and the whole procedure of registration can be carried out on your mobile phone thanks to the app. Priceline is part of the world famous Booking holding, which also includes such popular services as: Rentalcars, KAYAK, OpenTable and others. The site contains more than 80,000 hotel offers from all over the world, as well as the opportunity to rent transport from one of 20 companies in Asia, Europe, Canada, North and South America.

In order to book an accommodation facility or a service on the website, you need to register and create your personal account.

Registered participants will be able to receive additional special offers from the service and participate in company promotions. You can register with Facebook or Google, or use your email address to verify. Registration will not take long.
The registration process on the website is optional if the user only wants to book a ticket or rent a car. Looking through all the possible options for offers on the website, the client will not find any window or tab with registration; it can be done only on the main page using the link, or in a mobile application.

The mobile application is available in the App Store and Google Play, or you can download it from the company's website.

The application allows you to view hotel reviews, choose rooms, book hotels and perform many other operations that can make any trip as comfortable as possible. In addition, you will be able to enjoy exclusive offers from the company. Many of these offers are only available in the app. You can download it by clicking on the appropriate links that are located at the bottom of the site page, or using an independent search in the app store on the device.
The functionality and capabilities of the mobile application are not inferior to the computer version of the site - the user can also view all available offers for renting hotel rooms, cars, all current cruises, as well as control the booking and cancellation of tickets. It is also worth noting the presence of additional bonus offers that are not directly on the site.

At first glance, the booking system of the website looks exactly the same as on other hotel booking sites.

All you need after registering with the service is to choose a place, booking dates, number of rooms and see the best price. After filling out the start form, the site goes to the search results page, where all currently available results are displayed in the form of a list.
Here the user can use additional filters that are located on the left side of the page. These filters will help you sort the hotel rooms in more detail, for example, you can select the number of stars, additional amenities included in the price and set the price range.

In order to get acquainted with all the services that Priceline offers, we will leave you a link under the video to the official website.

ms. To find an express deal, just click on the "Hotel Express Deals" tab at the bottom of the site page and fill out the start form.

비딩과 발수력을 좋아하는 여러분들을 위해 준비했습니다(사은품 이벤트)

※ 댓글, 좋아요, 구독은 사랑입니다.

발수덕후들이여 모여라!
여러분이 생각하는 최고의 발수력 갑 왁스는 무엇입니까?!
여러분의 한표를 기다립니다.

투표에 참여하신 분들 중 5분을 선정(무작위 추첨)해
넥스트젯 퍼펙트샤인(슬릭감 짱 QD) + 오토그루밍 구루타월(버핑타월) + 오토그루밍 주차번호판을 드립니다.

투표기간 2020년 4월 30일까지

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#오토그루밍 #자동차왁스 #비딩

새로운 왁스(코팅제)를 구매했는데 꼭 탈지를 해야할까요 !?

안녕하세요 세알남 입니다 : ) 여러분들은 차량을 보호해주는 왁스,코팅제를 새로 구매하시면 항상 탈지를 해주시나요 !? 왜 해야하는지 주의해야하는점은 무었인지 알고 있으신가요 !? 오늘은 탈지를 해야하는 이유와 하지 않아도되는 이유, 여러분들이 개념을 이해하기 쉽게 영상으로 만들어 보았습니다 !

00:00 코팅상태
00:20 탈지가뭐에요!?
01:05 탈지방법
03:02 알아야할 내용
04:40 탈지를 꼭 해야할까요?
07:20 탈지가 필수일때
09:11 탈지가 필요할때
10:20 건식페클은 탈지제를 써야 하나요?
10:35 개인적인 추천방법
11:31 코팅제 구분방법

영상의 내용이 많이 어려울까 싶어 내용 정리해보았습니다 !

탈지가 필요할때
-탈지를 권장하는 코팅제를 사용할 때(유리막,그래핀 등 지속력이 긴 제품)
- 6개월~1년동안 왁스코팅제를 꾸준히 발라주었으나 잘못된 세차방법 혹은 자연스러운 오염에 의해 얼룩, 묵은때들이 보일때 (도장면 정리 목적)
- 기존 코팅층을 없애고 새로운 코팅층을 올리고 새로운 코팅층의 퍼포먼스 만 느끼고 싶을때

탈지를 꼭 하지 않아도 될때
- 이미 단단한 유리막, 그래핀 코팅제 등이 시공되어 있을 때
(1년 미만 관리가 잘된 코팅층이라면 굳이 단단한 코팅층을 없애실 필요는 없습니다)
- 유리막 위에 고체왁스, 왁스, 실런트, 유리막 관리제 등 을 발라줄 때
- 발수형 왁스 위에 친수형왁스를 올리고 싶을 때
- 기존에 왁스코팅제의 비딩이 사라지고 있다 라고 생각될 때
(계속 레이어링 해주면 됩니다 )

혹시나 더 궁금하신점 있으시면 댓글로 남겨주세요 ~!
여러분들이 탈지에 대한 개념을 정확히 이해하시고 더더욱
디테일링 감성에 즐거움을 느끼시고 차량을 잘 보호하셨으면 좋겠습니다 !
오늘도 시청해주신 모든 분들께 감사합니다 ♥

세알남 쇼핑몰 :
네이버 쇼핑몰 :
세알남 쇼핑몰을 이용해주셔서 감사합니다
쇼핑몰 수익과 유튜브 영상 광고 수익의 일부는 매분기 마다
대전 서구 후생학원(보육원) 에 기부됩니다 ♥

세알남 오프라인 매장
대전 가수원동 1283 1층 세알남
화~금 11:00 ~ 21:00
토~일 10:00 ~ 21:00

세알남 오픈채팅방 : (비밀번호:0829)
강동규 인스타그램 :
이욱성 인스타그램 :
세알남 비즈니스 메일 :

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